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Lash Extensions

If you want natural looking, fuller, and longer lashes without mascara, without strips, and without that false eyelash artificial look, come see us for those lash extensions!!! Don't fall for the typically advertised False Lashes that smudge, that clump, that weigh heavy, and that are often clustered unevenly.

Known to be the Best in Town for lash extensions, Renee was the first technician to offer lash extensions straight from Asia!!! In addition to lash extensions, Renee can also tint and perm your lashes to really give them a fantastic look.

Individually Applied - True lash extensions are individually applied to each separate eyelash (not the skin) for a thick, natural look. And because they are bonded to the lash and not to the skin, they last significantly longer than traditional false lashes.

Custom Matched - Each lash extension can be individually matched to the color and thickness of the natural eyelash. And because they are individually applied, you can decide how thick and full you want your lashes.

Long Lasting - Lash Extensions will last up to 2 months depending on the life cycle of your natural eyelash, whereas commonly advertised False Lashes last for only 1 week.

Natural Feeling - They are so natural feeling that you cannot feel any difference after having your lashes enhanced. Lash Extensions are also naturally curled so you can say good-bye to your lash curlers.

Waterproof and Durable - You can exercise, shower, swim, and sleep worry-free and still have those fuller and longer lashes that you crave!

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