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Microdermabrasion is a clinically proven technique for treating fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation. This technology planes and refines skin texture allowing your skins' natural regeneration process to diminish imperfections.

This process can result in up to a 30% increase in the elasticity of the skin restoring confidence to the most visible part of your body. This non-invasive procedure is performed with a light suction of fine crystals that look like fine ground sugar. These crystals are passed across the skin at a high rate of speed resulting in an abrasion. This process stimulates circulation beneath the surface of the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated.

Unlike lasers, there is no generation of heat so the procedure can be administered on all different skin types. No anesthesia is required. The process requires no healing time and can be done on your lunch break. Results are immediate with smooth, glowing skin and overall tone and texture improvements.

With our new top-of-the-line Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion System, we now have five treatment modes that enables us to choose among a crystal treatment, a crystal-free diamond tip treatment or a treatment using the crystals and diamond tip simultaneously. This allows us to customize your treatment for skin conditions ranging from acne to stretchmarks to scars for any part of your body, not just the face; producing amazing results on the hands, arms, back and decollete.

Does it hurt?

The treatment feels like a mild biting sensation, similar to the feeling of stinging raindrops.

How many treatments will I need to accomplish a new rejuvenated appearance?

The number of treatments will depend on skin type and condition. Results are usually immediate; however, an average of 5 or more treatments, spaced about 2-3 weeks apart, will be necessary to achieve a dramatic improvement. Maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks will be required to maintain results.

How does it work?

Our unique procedure uses specially formulated sodium bicarbonate crystals that are propelled at a high speed across the skin's surface to efficiently abrade the skin. Microdermabrasion also applies mild suction to the surface of the skin. The result is a dramatic increase in blood flow and circulation throughout the treated area. This stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. In addition, the increased blood flow helps the body carry away toxins and impurities that are stored near the surface of the skin. The combination of exfoliation and increased blood flow leaves you with healthier, clearer and more youthful-looking skin.

Why sodium bicarbonate?

Virtually all microdermabrasion systems use aluminum oxide crystals to abrade the skin. Although aluminum oxide does an effective job of abrading the skin, there are several disadvantages to its use. Aluminum oxide is a known irritant that leaves most people red and irritated after a treatment. Due to the harsh nature of aluminum oxide, it is necessary to keep the treatment a safe distance from the eye and mouth area, leaving the most important areas of the face untreated. Our microdermabrasion system uses pure sodium bicarbonate crystals, pure baking soda, to evenly abrade the skin. Exposure to sodium bicarbonate is not harmful and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. One of the biggest advantage is that the lips as well as the skin directly under the eye can be treated.

Is Microdermabrasion only for the face?

No, it can be performed on any part of the body.

Who should get Microdermabrasion?

Anyone interested in improving the appearance of his or her skin, regardless of ethnicity, skin type or age.

What will the skin look like after a treatment?

Most microdermabrasion systems will leave the patient red and irritated for a period of 2-24 hours. This is typically a result of exposure to aluminum oxide. However, with sodium bicarbonate you can get a treatment during lunchtime and go back to work looking and feeling refreshed. Your skin will have a vibrant healthy appearance as well as an incredibly smooth texture.

Other benefits of Microdermabrasion treatments include:

- Leaves skin silky smooth

- Improves appearance of uneven skin tone

- Removes oxidized oils

- Helps restore sun damaged skin

- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Improves acne and acne scarring

- Increases production of collagen and elastin

- Stimulates production of new skin cells

- Removes Blackheads/Whiteheads

- Reduces pore size

- Safe for all skin types

- No down time

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